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Property Mapper

Component Configuration

Parameter NameParameter PropertyDescription
Default SourcedefaultSourceData value to be used in the mapper expressions if not overridden within the mapper definition.
Default Expression TypedefaultExpressionTypeOne of: jmespath, jsonpath, jsonata, javascript
Property MapspropertyMapsArray objects that descrbe how to map source to target properties. propertyMaps: [{ source, expressionType, mappings }]
Property Maps / Source DatasourceThe data value to be used for the expressions in this set of property mappings.
Property Maps / Expression TypeexpressionTypeOne of: jmespath, jsonpath, jsonata, javascript
Property Maps / MappingsmappingsArray of objects that map a target property to an expression to be evaluated. mappings: [{ targetProperty, sourceExpression }]
Property Maps / Mappings / Target PropertytargetPropertyThe path in the final object that should contain the evaluated source expression.
Property Maps / Mappings / Source ExpressionsourceExpressionExpression to be evaluated and mapped to the specified target property.
Important Note

The sequence of the mapping is non-deterministic. Therefore, it is important that the specied targetProperties are not overlapping in any way.