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You can organize Templates into Channels - DX Engine allows for a very flexible use of this concept to model the structure to meet your business needs. For instance, a Channel could represent a specific web application, or a Brand within your portfolio. You can use naming conventions to organize your Orchestration Templates and Components however you wish.


Creating a Channel

  1. Navigate to Manage Experiences > Channels.
  2. In the dashboard, select the “+” button to create a new Channel.
  3. In the form modal, enter the following segment information:
    • Channel Code: _This is a unique name for the channel
    • Channel Name: _A friendly name for the channel
    • Channel Desc: A short description outlining the nature of the Channel
  4. Under the "Experience Template Codes" section, add the template(s) that should be associated with this channel.
  5. Hit Submit to save the channel.