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Platform Overview

The Conscia platform is built with a modular architecture with each sub-component packaged as a micro-service and completely de-coupled from other components.

It makes sense to talk about the platform components in the context of the two products:

Digital Experience Engine (DX Engine)

Conscia's DX Engine is the real-time decision engine that orchestrates content and data from various backend applications and packages together a unified and personalized API response for any front-end.

Here is how the Experience Engine fits into your overall tech stack:


Digital Experience Graph (DX Graph)

The Conscia DX Graph has the following capabilities:

  1. Unify data from multiple sources into a graph datastore
  2. Allow non-technical users to enrich data through AI-powered and rule-based features for validation, tagging, classification, and data cleansing
  3. Distribute data and content to downstream applications