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DXO Platform Overview is a Digital Experience Orchestration platform (DXO) for digital and marketing teams to orchestrate intelligent, data-driven experiences within a composable tech stack.

For Business teams, we offer the following benefits:

  • Centralized, intuitive control over the experience on all channels
  • Omnichannel Personalization and A/B testing
  • Understand how the experiences are performing with tracking and analytics
  • Complete freedom to use any best-of-breed tool such as CMS, PIM, Search, Commerce Engine, DAM, Promotions Engine, and more

We offer the following benefits to the IT teams:

  • Accelerate development effort with zero-code API Orchestration
  • Zero-code connectors to back-end systems
  • Own your data - Track every interaction on every touchpoint throughout the customer journey and allow brands to use that data for advanced analytics and AI
  • Observability - Track how your backend APIs are performing such as response time, response failures, etc.
  • Simplify your frontend code by remove all glue code and using an orchestration-as-a-service to abstract out the complexity from the presentation layer
  • Completely headless i.e not tied to any specific frontend
  • Maximize investments made in Legacy systems by encapsulating them in a modern API-first data layer

Conscia offers the following platform components. Note that each of these components is completely independent of each other and can be purchased separately:

Digital Experience Orchestration Engine (DX Engine)

The DX Engine is a real-time API orchestration engine that orchestrates content and data from various backend applications and packages together a unified and personalized API response for any front-end.

The DX Engine offers:

  • a centralized point of control for marketing teams to orchestrate omnichannel experiences
  • tracking and analytics to understand the performance of experiences across all channels
  • a native rules engine to implement conditional logic
  • experimentation and A/B testing
  • a single Experience API that can be called by any client on any channel and is not tied to any specific front-end
  • accesses data and content from any backend system, granted that the system is API enabled and is capable of delivering structured data/content
  • can take output from one system and pass it as an input to another system. This can be configured without deploying any code
  • Can be configured both via DX Engine Management APIs as well as Experience Studio

Here is what Conscia is NOT:

  • A front-end visual composition platform
  • A Site Builder
  • A WYSIWYG Site Editor
  • A front-end as a service platform
  • A CMS, DAM or Commerce Engine

Digital Experience Graph (DX Graph)

The DX Graph can be leveraged to modernize legacy systems and make them composable.

The DX Graph:

  • unifies data from multiple sources into a graph datastore
  • offers self-service control to non-technical users to view, enrich, auto-tag and classify data and content.
  • allows non-technical users to enrich data through AI-powered and rule-based features.
  • allows digital teams to validate data sourced from upstream systems to ensure the quality for downstream applications.
  • makes data accessible via real-time APIs, webhooks and batch exports to any destination.

Here is the full list of capabilities offered by Conscia's Digital Experience Orchestration platform.

DXO Capabilities Matrix