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Available Components

The following components can be created in the DX Studio to drive experiences via DX Engine

ComponentRequires ConnectorAllows for Personalization
Search ResultYesYes


Before creating a component, ensure that a connector has already been setup. One of the fields in the component setup is the connector it will leverage.

Connector Configuration

The following details are required in order to create the connection. This information can be found in the instance of your application you are connecting with.

Parameter NameParameter PropertyDescription
Opensearch EndpointendpointThe endpoint of the instance
Opensearch UsernameusernameThe username
Opensearch PasswordpasswordThe password
Opensearch IndexindexThe index code

Searchresult List

This type of component allows the marketer to select a record (or set of records) to return as part of the experience.

Component Configuration

Parameter NameParameter PropertyDescription
Connection CodeconnectionCodeThe Connection Code of a configured opensearch Connector.
Search SourcesearchTermSourceWhere to get the value from (specified value, context field, expression)

Configuration Options

During the setup of this component, several options are available to tailor the search results behaviour.

Fields to ReturnList of fields to return as part of the response
Fields to ExcluseList of fields to NOT return as part of the response
OffsetThe number if items to skip (typically used for pagination)
SortA list of fields to sort. Ascending vs descending can be specified for each field
Maximum ResultsNumber of items to return in the search results
Search TermsIn most cases, this will be set to "Context Field" allowing you to specify the context that would contains the search terms. Selecting "Expression" allows you to pull the search terms from some other component's output or something more complex. This approach would NOT be managed by Business users . It would be configured up front by the customer's IT team.
Facet State ExpressionThis will almost always be set to "Context Field" so you would specify the context that would have the current state of the selected facets. Business users would not manage this. It would be configured up front by the customer's IT team.