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Personalization Rules

Each Experience Segment has the ability to evaluate personalization rules to return the right content for the right customer at the right time.

Conscia makes it intuitive for Marketers to create personalization rules that allow you to respond to every customer's real-time intent, context, journey stage, audience segment and anything else we know about them.

Defining Personalization Rules#

General Information#

This section of the personalization rule defines the rule itself (i.e. name) along with whether the rule is active and when it should run. Marketers can easily define a date range when the rule should automatically activate / deactivate in addition to the priority when combined with other rules.


When defining a personalization rule, you have to specify the following elements of the criteria: Who, What, When and Where.


Each Personalization Rules can be mapped to a specific channel. Here, you simply specify what channels this rule is valid for. Note, the same content maybe valid for multiple channels as described earlier.

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Illustration: Allow the marketer to select the channels that the rule is valid for


This refers to the Customer's Journey Stage, Audience Segment and Profile Attributes (raw and computed) that you are looking to target. Note that if you have created various propensity models (within Conscia or externally), these can be used as contextual input within this section. alt-text

Illustration: Personalization rule targeted for millennial segment.


These are real-time inputs to the personalization logic that are relevant for the web and app channels. This would include inputs like customer's real-time interactions with the web interface (session information), non-customer specific attributes such as current weather, promotions, events, as well as customer's location, device, browser, etc. Note that CDPs that activate personalized content based on customer profiles only can not trigger rules based on non-customer related attributes. alt-text


This is where you specify the content that you would like the customer to see within the content slot. For example, if you want to feature a set of movies based on the customer's segment, you would simply select the playlist of movies that you defined at an earlier point.


Illustration: Selected experience which returns records tagged with 'family Christmas favourites' in an external CMS .

The personalization rules are configured in Control Center within the Activation Dashboard. Each personalization rules contains three (3) unique elements: