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Conscia allows you to easily build personalized experience across channels i.e allow marketers to serve up the right content, to the right customer, in the right channel, at the right time.

Personalization Capabilities#

  • AI powered Relevance engine that predicts the right content for the right person based on their demographic, psychographic and attitidinal profile attributes as well as their real-time context
  • Build flexible personalization rules allowing Marketers to have full control over the content that the customer sees:
    • Where (channel), who (customer attributes), what (content), and when (real time content signals)
    • Flexible logic including boolean, search, regex patterns, and other advanced operators
  • Built-in web and app personalization including a light headless CMS
  • Dynamic Experience Segments that can provide personalized content experiences of various types including:
    • Next Best Offer
    • Personalized list of Recommended Products
    • Personalized list of editorial content
    • Surveys
    • Progressive Registration
    • Marketing Assets such as Banners and Ads
    • Personalized Search Results and Navigation
  • Outbound integrations / API -- Send marketing automation and other martech/ adtech systems profile information and personalized content to enrich off-channel marketing efforts

Marrying Customer with Relevant Content#

Conscia offers a novel personalization approach that involves dynamically mapping your content metadata to your customer attributes. We create a knowledge graph of customer and content metadata that can be used by the rules engine as well as machine learning algorithms to suggest relevant content to customers. With a balance of curation and automation, you can personalize messaging, content, products and offers across the user’s journey. For example, you may want to recommend movies classified as both ’family’ and ‘Christmas’ to users that have been identified as ‘Parents’ who visit your website around Christmas time.

Enriching Content for Personalization#

Conscia allows marketers to enrich any type of content with metadata tags to optimize it for personalization and recommendations. Conscia has a broad definition of content ---- editorial content (articles), web content, content marketing, offers, products, digital assets, marketing messages, content blocks, etc. This content can be pulled into Conscia via out of the box and custom connections to source systems.

You can:

  • Enrich content sitting outside of Conscia
  • Create content within Conscia using our native CMS and DAM functionality