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Activation Overview

Terminology is key here. Some CDPs in the market use the term 'activation' for exporting segment data to external tools for activities such as marketing campaigns, business analysis, and social media. Targets include, but are not limited to Email Service Providers, Marketing Automation Platforms, Advertising Platforms, CRM, ERP, Cloud Services, and SFTP. These CDPs form a foundational data infrastructure for the remainder of the MarTech ecosystem, however, their focus is on outbound campaigns.

Real-time Activation#

There are two types of Real-time activation strategies:

Some CDPs offer real-time access to customer profiles for channels such as web and app through Rest APIs. The logic to determine what the customer sees is left to other marketing applications such as CMSes and DXPs.

This is definitely a step ahead of foundational CDPs. The challenge with this approach is that your various marketing and sales channels are then left to their own devices to figure out 'What' to show to the customer resulting in a fragmented and inconsistent experience across channels.

Re-defining Real-time Activation#

When we talk about Real-time Activation, we're talking about not only sharing customer profiles with other marketing applications via APIs, but also instructions on how to personalize content that the customer should see. Personalization instructions can be accessed in real-time by web and app channels and they can also be syndicated to other channels via push and pull APIs.

Activating Customer Data in Marketing Automation, Marketing Clouds and other Activation Platforms#

Conscia can share the following with other marketing applications in real-time and offline data feeds:

  • Customer Profiles
  • Customer Segments
  • Content Personalization Instructions
  • Unified Campaign Tags
  • Suppression Lists

Pushing Audiences into Target Applications#

Here are the steps to create and share audiences from Conscia to other digital marketing applications:

  • In Audience Builder, select the criteria to build an Audience
  • Save the audience
  • Preview the list of customers that fall into that audience on the Profiles page
  • Select the 'Publish' operation from the ribbon
  • Select the Application to push the audience to and fill in the required configuration
  • Hit Publish once ready.

Difference Between Personalization and Marketing Automation#

While Conscia's Customer Data Platform provides sophisticated features to hyper-personalize content that is viewed by the customer in every channel, Conscia is not a Marketing Automation platform. We have no intention to replace ESPs and Marketing Automation platforms. The final execution step of sending the email, SMS, Push Notification would be performed in an ideal scenario by the last mile technologies such as Twilio, CheetahMail, Salesforce Pardot, etc.

You can, however, add custom meta-data when setting up Personalization Rules so that your Marketing Automation or ESP platform can automate the outreach with custom engagement parameters:

  • One Time/Recurring - Specify if this is a one-time/recurring email/SMS
  • Delays - Wait for a while before sending the email/SMS/push notification
  • Rate Limiting - Limit size of segment that the email is blasted to